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  • Julie Eickhoff

Student Success Story

Meet Joshua Yoder!

Welcome to our blog post featuring an exciting interview with Joshua Yoder, a talented voice artist who embarked on a career change after enrolling in the Work from Home doing Voice Overs course. In this Q&A session, Joshua shares his background, motivations, and experiences, offering valuable insights and inspiration for anyone considering a similar path.

Q: Joshua, let's start by getting to know you. What was your background prior to enrolling in the Work from Home doing Voice Overs course?

A: Before diving into the world of voice overs, I was a pastor with a Master of Divinity degree

Q: What motivated you to enroll in the Work from Home doing Voice Overs course?

A: My daughter's college expenses were a significant motivating factor for me. I wanted to find a way to earn extra income and voice overs seemed like the perfect fit.

Q: How did you come across the Work from Home doing Voice Overs online course? Was it through an online search or a referral?

A: I discovered the course through an online search. As I delved into the possibilities of voice over work, I stumbled upon YouTube videos that led me to this particular course.

Q: Could you share your initial expectations about the course? Did it meet or exceed those expectations?

A: The course more than met my expectations! It was clear, well delivered, easy to follow and set me up for success!

Q: How long ago did you complete the course?

A: It has been about nine months since I completed the course.

Q: How much time do you currently spend working as a voice artist?

A: I dedicate around four hours per week to my voice over work

Q: What types of voice over work have you completed so far?

A: I have had the pleasure of working on a variety of projects. I have recorded audiobooks, lent my voice to YouTube videos, and provided educational e-learning voiceovers and book promotions.

Q: Among all these types of voice over work, do you have a favorite?

A: Absolutely! Audiobooks and YouTube voiceovers are my favorites

Q: Could you describe a typical work day for you as a voice artist?

A: My typical work day starts with recording sessions in the morning, which I do in one sitting. I reserve the rest of the week to edit the recordings as time permits.

Q: What do you love most about being a voice artist?

A: The most rewarding aspect for me is the opportunity to bring quality audio to someone's quality script. As a voice artist, I can make their dream for their project a reality.

Q: What advice would you offer to others considering a career in voice overs?

A: Be yourself and don’t try to mimic someone else. Those who find you will love your voice and your particular style, and you’ll find that your work is so much more enjoyable as a result.

Q: Could you describe your recording space?

A: I use a spare bedroom and I speak into a closet full of clothes. I have a Blue Yeti on a shock mount and a microphone stand. I read from an iPad resting on a music stand that is covered with more clothes. It works perfectly.

Q: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

A: Thank you for your course! I’ve more than made up my initial expenses and am thankful for the lifelong skills I now have to do voiceover work!

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Joshua Yoder for sharing his remarkable journey from pastor to voice over artist. Joshua, your story is an inspiration to aspiring voice artists who dream of embarking on a fulfilling career that allows them to showcase their talents and make a meaningful impact.

We wish you continued success in your voice over endeavors, and may your passion for bringing scripts to life and creating exceptional audio continue to flourish.

Thank you, Joshua, for sharing your insights and motivating others to pursue their voice over dreams. Here's to a future filled with exciting projects and endless opportunities!

Here's a link to Joshua's first audiobook. (The publisher contacted him recently to narrate a second book!!)


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