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  • Julie Eickhoff

3 Tips to Help Land More VO Gigs

Getting hired for voice over gigs can feel like a numbers game (it can often take hundreds of auditions to land your first gig), or it can feel a bit mysterious. We don’t know what “voice” the casting director is hearing in their head and hoping to find. But, there are 3 simple things you can do to greatly improve your chances.

1)      Make sure your Recording Quality is Top Notch.

One of the fastest ways to have your auditions dismissed is by submitting recordings with poor audio quality. The better your sound, the more likely your auditions progress to the next round.  

2)      Strengthen your Script Interpretation

Great voice actors don’t just read the script, they interpret it based on nuance, context, and intended emotion. Set aside time to analyze the script, research the content, and make notes on emphasis prior to recording your audition. Then use your acting abilities to deliver a compelling read that captures the intended meaning of the script.

3)      Follow Instructions Precisely

Pay extremely close attention to the instructions provided by prospective clients such as character descriptions, intended tone, length requirements, and submission details. Then execute on those instructions precisely. Clients want to know they can trust you to follow their needs exactly. By providing auditions that perfectly match the requested specifications, you prove yourself as reliable and detail-oriented.

The best audition doesn’t always book the job, but one of the best auditions does.


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