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  • Julie Eickhoff

Unqualified Success


Do you have a favorite audiobook? A book that really resonated with you? How about one that you talk about with your family or friends?

I've narrated a lot of audiobooks and I've learned something from just about every one (I narrate mostly non-fiction, so I'm always learning something new).

But one book stands out because it not only resonates with me, but for each and every one of my students. Unqualified Success: Bridging the Gap from Where You Are Today to Where You Want to Be to Achieve Massive Success, by Rachel M. Stewart.

Here's a quick quote to give you a taste of what's inside:

'...There is a fight going on inside you, in which two opposing futures are competing. The one future is made up of your limitations, your reservations, your inadequacies, your insecurities, and the story you tell about who you are and what you are capable of. It rejects growth and change and possibility. It shows you what' impossible and improbable and certainly out of your reach. It wants you to stay safe and small and, perhaps, bored, but at least not scared.

The other future is everything you've ever wanted. It is made up of your hopes and dreams and wild fantasies. It is made up of your vision and your possibility and potential. It is full of the dreams that rise up again and again, pestering you and reminding you that you can do more, be more, feel more. It is expansive and brave and daring. It urges you to reach and try and go all in.

Every moment, every decision, every sunrise, you decide which one you'll feed..."

If THAT doesn't make your heart pump and your head twirl and get your emotions and energy all riled up, then you aren't spending enough time dreaming. What is it you always wanted to do? And why aren't you doing it?

This book/audiobook should be a must-read for everyone! I absolutely love this book. It speaks to the journey I took to become a voice artist, a course creator and it's speaking to me again to flush out what else I still want to do.

Need to get recharged? Put this one on your must-read or must-listen-to list! Get the book or audiobook here!

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