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  • Julie Eickhoff

Academy Awards don't need a host, but the DO need a Voice Artist

Academy Awards Voice Artist

Did you watch the Academy Awards? Even if you didn't, you've probably heard all the scuttle about the show going on without a host.

Turns outs, most people were really quite happy with the host-less show. I know I was. Everything seemed to move along quite nicely.

And who can we credit for that? A voice artist!

Randy Thomas, America's premiere female voice artist has hosted the show for 10 years! That alone is an incredible feat. But she also held the entire show together.

ABC's Nightline did a short feature on her prior to the show. Take a peak here and see what her recording space looks like, hear how a woman broke into the traditional male role, and how she got started in VO.

Sorry about the commercial you'll have to watch first, but it's worth you time to take a look at this:

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