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  • Julie Eickhoff

Voice Over and Dubbing

Voice Over Dubbing

What is Voice Over as compared to Dubbing?

When I think of voice overs, I think of voicing radio and TV commercials, or eLearning modules, or Audiobooks, or web videos. These are very common form of voice over that voice artists are hired to record every day.

But have you ever heard of dubbing and it is really a form of voice over? Dubbing is language replacement and requires many of the same skills (and many different ones) than traditional voice over work.

Dubbing is used when a piece of video already has a voice track but it needs to be replaced with an alternate language. The voice artist must still be a voice actor, dramatically portraying the characters but must also translate the language.

Here's an article that nicely explains the difference between the two.

If you are a multi-lingual voice artist, this may be an avenue to pursue.

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