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  • Julie Eickhoff

What the heck is IVR?

Depending on your point of view, it could be an irritating and sometimes frustrating thing, or it could be an awesome way to make money!

IVR...Interactive Voice Response...are telephone recordings. They can be used for on-hold messages, call routing (this is the one that can be frustrating when you just want to talk to a human!), telephone polls and surveys, appointment reminders, automated calls and more. But you get the idea.

While we sometimes complain when we get the recorded phone tree, many of these calls are super helpful. Think about the automated phone call you get from school with weather-related school closings, or the phone call you get from your dentist reminding you of your upcoming appointment. They really are efficient!

As a voice artist, theses are my all-time favorite gigs!! Love, love, love them. They are usually quick projects with ongoing clients. If you land an IVR job, treat your client like royalty. Respond quickly, stay in touch with them and keep them very happy.

IVR jobs are listed on many popular on-line casting sites, but you can also find stand-alone companies online that keep a roster of voice talent. And, you can reach out to local businesses.

Good luck! Hope to hear you on the other end of line!

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