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  • Julie Eickhoff

An Important Component of your Voice Over Business | And its FREE

Just about any business you start, whether it’s home-based or not, will have some start-up costs. Whether it’s equipment, training, or products and materials.

When it comes to having a voice over business, we’re lucky because there’s one thing that you absolutely need and you can get it for free.

It’s your audio editing software! While there are many, many choices of software, or DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), and you can spend all the money you want on some of them, you can definitely get started and work for a long time with a free version of software.

That free software is called Audacity. ( Audacity is a free multi-track audio editor and recorder. It’s available for Windows or Mac. And there are loads of plug-ins you can add which add even more functionality to the software.

I love it for several reasons.

  • It’s relatively easy to learn

  • I can easily load it on multiple computers so I’m ready with a back-up machine if/when I have computer problems

  • There hasn’t been anything I haven’t been able to do with it. I use it for long recording, like audiobooks, or everyday short recordings.

If you’re pretty comfortable loading software onto your computer, you should have no problem installing Audacity. It can get a little tricky when you start adding the plug-ins, however.

If you’re a little uneasy about installing software, or you don’t like wasting time tinkering around trying to figure things out…like watching hours and hours of poorly crafted YouTube videos…you’re in luck. In the full course, Work from Home doing Voice Overs, I explain step-by-step how to download the software, how to install the plug-ins you need (and which ones are important) and how to use it to record and edit!

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