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Step-by-Step Instruction to get your Voice Over business up and running.

Comprehensive, Organized and Efficient.

I'm EXPLORING and would like to learn more.

Are you an aspiring Audiobook Narrator or voice artist? Enroll in the FREE Mini-Course - Intro to Voice Over. Learn about the field of voice over and see if it's the right path for you.

I'm READY to get going. Get me started!

You've already done your research and know you've found the course that will teach you step-by-step with actionable learning how to get your voice over business up and running. Check out the Online Course, Work from Home Doing Voice Overs.

Working from home can be life changing. You can enjoy freedom and flexibility.  But if you haven't figured out how to do it yet,  your answer might be Voice overs!


The voice over world is bursting.  Think about hear voices on web videos, eLearning modules, tv commercials, telephone systems, movie theater ads, audiobooks, radio, video games and just about everywhere else.


Most of these voice artists are working from home.  This is a real career where you can earn an income. All voices are needed.

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A place to record

Learn how to prepare a space in your home to work

Recording Equipment

Get a list of the recording equipment you'll's not expensive! And, learn how to use it.

Learn Skills

Learn equipment skills, recording skills, voice skills and editing skills.

where to find work

Learn where to find work and how to run your business

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